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Gimme dat funk, a katana and some ponies and im good.
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Horse friends help each other with their manes

Especially when their manes are full of feathers and critter debris

getchnoodlearts my favorite artists mlp love this one!!
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they broke spike’s neck…

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Disney has officially announced the pick up of Wander over Yonder Season 2 !!! The season was green lit back in February but we couldn’t talk about until they made the official announcement. 
Now that they have, I can say that we have lots of exciting new things planned for this season! Lots of new characters, lots of new planets, and lots of new challenges for Wander, Sylvia, Hater, and Peepers to deal with including a new villain who rivals Hater’s position as the greatest in the galaxy!
We were picked up for 22 half hours, 4 of which will be full 22 minute episodes that form one long story arc. The other 36 cartoons will be traditional 11 minutes that stand alone but also loosely relate to the longer arc.
We’re really having great  time putting this season together, we’ve got some really funny episodes in the works and the dynamics between our main characters continues to evolve.
Wander Season 1 is going strong on Disney XD and we still have lots of more S.1 episodes slated to air throughout the year!
Thanks for watching, and if you love Wander as much as we do, please spread the word!

its actually a pretty great show power duo at it again woy mccraken faust
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Mankind’s greatest invention. [video]

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